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Welcome Alumni!

ABCLM is always excited to reconnect with former scholars and staff.  Please let us know what you've been up to!

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LMHS Class of 2016

Edward Liriano--Georgetown University

Joshua Plummer--Lehigh University

LMHS Class of 2015

Layvon McClean--Tufts University

Yuejay Reeves--Bowdoin College

LMHS Class of 2014

Stefon DeSouza--New York University

Davendra Sasenarine--SUNY Binghamton

LMHS Class of 2013

Wayne Phillips-Gelley -- Howard University

LMHS, Class of 2012

Ugochukwu Obieshi – Syracuse University

Jaimeson Avillan – Temple University

LMHS Class of 2011

Najee Williams – University of Maryland, College Park

LMHS Class of 2010

Michael Nwafor – Drexel University

Ryan Rampersaud – SUNY Stony Brook

LMHS Class of 2009

Jon Huang – University of Connecticut

Rex Khandi

LMHS Class of 2008

Arijotutu, Oluwatobi (Tobi) – SUNY Albany

LMHS Class of 2007

Jonathan Viera – Bowdoin College

Joel Thomas -- NYU

LMHS Class of 2006

Edwin DeLeon – Syracuse University

Class of 2005

Anthony Almonte – Syracuse University

Class of 2004

Elvis Rosado – Haverford College

Richard Fernandes – Drexel University

Class of 2003

Jason Toussaint

Class of 2002

Tyrell Bell – Syracuse University

Class of 2001

Kevin Farley – Cornell University

Class of 2000

Anthony (Tony) Sheppard – University of Virginia

Barry Addison – Gettysburg University

Class of 1999

Rene Rodriguez – Ithaca College

Mike McLeod – Tufts University; University of Alabama Medical School

Dwayne Brown – Ithaca College

Class of 1998

Deashawn Goddard – Richmond University

Class of 1997

Shareef Frasier – SUNY Binghamton

Class of 1996

Jermaine Griffin

Shaun Duggins – Williams University; Georgia State University, MA in Psychology

Alberto Bravo – Cornell University

Class of 1995

Omar Mateo – Penn State

Class of 1994

Ming Zhang – Boston University

Class of 1993

Joseph Rosello – NYU/Hunter College

Sam Liu – University of Pennsylvania; NYU Stern School of Business, MBA

Class of 1992

Carlos Morales – SUNY Binghamton

Teofilo Colon

Class of 1991

Domingo Martin – Ithaca College

Neil Archibald -- UVA

Class of 1990

Lamont Robinson – Lake Forest College

Dave Daly – Ithaca College

Class of 1989

Mark Smith – Morehouse College

King Everett Johnson –Boston University

Alfredo Freyre – Brown University

Class of 1988

Danilo Avalon – Tufts University; Boston College Law School, JD

Class of 1987

Brian Robertson – Loyola University

Rafael Reynoso – Boston College

Christopher Chaney – CUNY York

Class of 1986

Binh (Ben) Protzmann

Class of 1985

Daniel Velez – Boston College

Donald Osborne – Fordham University

Class of 1984

Michael Stewart – Union College

Robert Garcia – Wesleyan University

Class of 1983

Robert Diaz – Wesleyan University

Class of 1982

Anthony Diaz – Columbia University

Edgar Alexander – Columbia University

Class of 1981

Lawrence Delano Romaine – Union College

Troy Randall – Rutgers University

Fredrick Irving – Stanford University

Daniel Davis – St. Joseph’s University

Class of 1980

Steven Noel – Cornell University; Strayer University, MBA

Darren Jackson – Fisk University

Class of 1979

Tyrone Wiggins

Russell Whaley

Pedro Carire

Class of 1978

Jody Armour – Harvard University; UC Berkeley School of Jaw, JD

Class of 1977

Lino Garcia – University of Delaware

Lawrence (Larry) Carson – University of Delaware

Class of 1976

Samuel Brown – Cornell University

Edwin Ortiz – Manhattan River Dale College

Albert Santiago – Cornell University

Albert P. Vasquez – Amherst College

John Belt


Alumni, we want to know what you've been up to since you graduated from Lower Merion!  Please email and tell us how you've been.